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EXOTEK F1 Ultra Gear 93T 64dp 1387

EXOTEK F1 Ultra Gear 93T 64dp 1387
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EXOTEK F1 Ultra Gear 93T 64dp 1387

High performance machined POM spur gear for any F104 or F103 type ball dif. Uses the stock spur gear bearing but our gears have been machined to accept your standard race pinions! Our spur gears are 100% machined POM to insure true roudness, uses the stock bearing for ultra smooth diff action, has raised lips to help shield the dif balls from road debris and most importantly our gears accepts up to 16 3mm diff balls for ultra smooth diff operation. Increasing the diff balls means you do not have to tighten the diff as tight to keep the diff from slipping resulting in smoother operation.

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