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F1 Shorty LiPo's

Do you want to purchase a new LiPo for your Formula 1 R/C car?
We've got a large selection of high-end LiPo's for all Formula 1 cars.
These LiPo's will fit in all cars: XRAY, Tamiya, WRC, VBC, Corally etc.

Formula 1 cars do not use a lot of mAh, but will greatly benefit from the lower weight that a shorty (or ultra flat) LiPo. We recommend a smaller mAh but lower weight, which will increase your track times.

Are you looking for a large capacity shorty or a small capacity & low weight LiPo, or perhaps a budget shorty LiPo?


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CoreRC Under LiPo Weight 35g brass 1mm 1S/2S Shorty CR519
€8,11 ($9,49)
including VAT €1,41
HUDY Stainless Steel Battery Weight 35g 293011
€16,95 ($19,83)
including VAT €2,94
HUDY Stainless Steel Battery Weight 50g 293010
€17,94 ($20,99)
including VAT €3,11
LRP Antix 4200mAh Graphene Shorty LiPo Battery LiHV 7.6V 45C 430411
€49,95 ($58,44)
including VAT €8,67
LRP HV Stock Spec Graphene-3 7300mAh 7.6V LiPo 130C/65C 430276
€89,95 ($105,24)
including VAT €15,61
LRP Hv Ultra LCG Modified Graphene-3 5500mAh Hardcase Lipo 7.6V Lipo 120C/60 43082
€69,94 ($81,83)
Market price: €78,65 , save 11%
including VAT €12,14
XRAY Stainless Steel Battery Underweight 35gram 326181
€16,95 ($19,83)
including VAT €2,94
Qty Out of stock
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