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New to RC?


New to RC?

Let's give you a small explanation & show you some sets to get you started!

First of all, you've got to know that the RC world is a lot bigger than most people think, we've got dozens upon dozens of brands, world championships, big events, races and much, much more.

Let's start with the different types of cars:
There are a bunch of different scales of cars, ranging mostly from 1/24 to 1/8.
The most common classes to us here on The-Border are 1/10, 1/12, 1/8 and 1/24 (Mini-Z).
These scales refer to the size of the car, 1/24 is small, such as Kyosho Mini-Z cars, where 1/8 is quite large.

Prices differ from car to car and brand to brand, but mostly it simply depends on what your friends are racing, what you like and what price fits your budget.





RC cars are controlled by transmitters. There are two types of transmitters: stick & wheel.
The difference is easy: pick whichever you prefer.
Some cars include a transmitter, some don't and with some brands you are limited to whatever transmitter they sell for their cars.




Option parts

The RC hobby is built upon being able to tweak, tune and rebuild your car. There are option and hopup parts available for every single car.
Broke something? Consult your manual for the part number that you need and enter the number in our search box, and you'll find the exact part that you need.
Want more performance? Look at our Motors category for high performance replacement motors.
Want more performance and/or be able to drive longer? Choose an extra battery.
Tires worn out or do you want to drive indoors or outdoors? A spare set of wheels will help you out.




Since we focus mainly on electric RC cars, we'll give you a quick drive-by on batteries.
Battery technology has rapidly developed for the last several years, and battery powered cars rival gas powered cars with ease.

There are currently two main choices when speaking about batteries:
- NiMH batteries
- LiPo batteries

NiMH batteries are an older technology (comparable to AA-batteries), cheaper but give less performance than LiPo batteries.
LiPo batteries weigh less, can contain a longer steady current and can contain more power than NiMH batteries. They are however more expensive, but in every way preferrable to NiMH batteries.

A battery has a certain charge, calculated in mAh. This is the maximum amount of charge a certain battery can hold.
Logically a 7000mAh battery will last longer than a 1500mAh battery under equal conditions.

LiPo batteries come in different voltages, starting at 3.7V (since that what a single cell outputs). A double cell LiPo (also called 2S, 2 cells) has double that: 7.4V. A 3S LiPo (3 cells) has triple 3.7V: 11.1V and so on.


NiMH batteries also come in different sizes, shapes and voltages. Always check what batteries will work for your car, you can always ask us what batteries are compatible with the car you're using or interested in.


Part of the hobby is ofcourse making your car look cool and unique, which we can do with bodies. You can buy pre-painted bodies to put on your car, or clear bodies that you can paint yourself. You can do this by either spray painting your car, or airbrushing.
We have lots of different tools for painting, ranging from scissors and tape, to paint from LRP or Tamiya.

Another way to make your car stand out is by using electronics: lights in all kinds, types & sizes are available.
LED's, headlights, tail lights or sirens: you name it, it's available.



Good kits for starters


Looking around for some Ready To Run (RTR) kits that you can just purchase and use, and upgrade later? Or perhaps you want to build your own car?
We've assembled a list of cars that are perfect for beginners, in different budgets. 

Traxxas LaTrax Teton 1/18 brushed RTR 76054-1 Traxxas Desert Prerunner 1/18 RTR Car TRX76064-1 Traxxas Slash Pro 2WD 2.4GHz RTR TRX58034-1
€144,95 incl. VAT
Including car, battery, 12V charger & transmitter
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€144,95 incl. VAT
Including car, battery, 12V charger & transmitter
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€289,95 incl. VAT
Including car, battery, 12V charger & transmitter
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€529,96 incl. VAT
Including car, & transmitter, excluding battery/charger
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€229,95 incl. VAT
Including car, battery, 12V charger & transmitter
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€159,95 incl. VAT
Including car, excluding battery, charger & transmitter - This is a building kit
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XRAY X1 - 2018 Specs Formula 1 Kit 370703 Traxxas TRX-4 Land Rover Defender Crawler TRX82056-4 Tamiya Neo Scorcher (TT-02B Chassis) 58568
€349,- incl. VAT
Excluding electronics - This is a building kit
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€549,95 incl. VAT
Including car & transmitter, excluding battery & charger.
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€139,98 incl. VAT
Including Electronic Speed Controller & motor. - This is a building kit
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