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BRP Supastox (GT) Brushed Motor Mount BRP-SBMM

BRP Supastox (GT) Brushed Motor Mount BRP-SBMM
BRP Supastox (GT) Brushed Motor Mount BRP-SBMM
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Border Racing Products Supastox (GT) Brushed Motor Mount BRP-SBMM

BRP announces a new product for all Supastox & Supastox GT lovers: the brushed motor mount!
Everything a Supastox driver has dreamt of: a super cheap 1/12 class car, with an even cheaper but highly powerfull brushed motor.

This Brushed Motor Mount creates a completely new class of cars: brushed 1/12!
Mount a cheap motor such as the Carson Cup Machine to be used in the €109,- Supastox GT with an evenly well priced brushed ESC such as the Hobbywing 1060. Just as powerfull as 21.5T brushless, with a fraction of the costs.

All you need is this motor mount as it includes the correct screws to mount it to the Supastox (GT) chassis & you're good to go!

A new era of 1/12 racing awakens: the high quality, low priced Schumacher Supastox in combination with easily replaceable & cheap electronics make for a great class on every track, a class of cars that everyone can afford next to their main car & class.

Developed from high quality FRP, the BRP Supastox (GT) Motor Mount has been designed for use in the Schumacher Supastox (GT) class of 1/12 cars. It enables all drivers to use low cost brushed motors in the low cost 1/12 class that Schumacher has created & has supported for years. The-Border.com believes that this Motor Mount will enable all drivers to adopt this great little car as an extra low cost class on their circuit or club.

Including the necessary screws to attach a brushed motor to a Supastox (GT), this motor mount keeps the entire car & electronics necessary to drive the car down, making it accessible to all drivers worldwide.

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