Corally LiPo's

Corally has just launched a new line of LiPo batteries.
They have chosen the highest quality LiPo’s for the high expectations of R/C racers.

We have these LiPo’s in stock as we truly stand behind the quality of these high grade LiPo’s.

Corally has launched several lines for different expectations and power:
– The Corally Sport Racing 50C is the budget line, good quality for lower prices.
– The Corally TC X-TREME PRO 90C is the high-end line, the best quality and durance for a matching price.
– The Corally Voltax 120C is the line for pro racing LiPo’s, with the best LiPo cells able to keep a high voltage for a very long time. 

  • Corally Sports Racing 50C

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  • Corally Pro 90C

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  • Corally Voltax 120C

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