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Corally Asuga XLR – RTR 1/8 6S Brushless Buggy C-00288

This beast delivers the ideal oversized bashing experience thanks to its extreme engineering, quality materials, and performance features.

Hybrid Center Chassis Brace System
The Asuga XLR features a uniquely rugged hybrid center chassis brace, using a combination of composite and aluminum components to create a main “backbone” that resists longitudinal flex for consistent handling and unsurpassed durability.

Extreme Front Chassis Brace
The optimized front chassis brace solidifies the front bulkhead, front tower, steering system and Ackermann brace into a rigid, durable assembly that ensures precision steering and the durability that you’ve come to expect from Team Corally. The optimal combination of aluminum and composite components allows drivers to bash with confidence knowing that the Asuga is prepared to dominate anything in its path.

Aluminum Chassis with Composite Side Guards
A 3mm thick, 6065 Aluminum main chassis delivers offers unyielding strength, while the molded side guards protect against dirt and debris from electronics or drivetrain. A mount for the ESC on/off switch has been conveniently molded in the LH side guard.

Bulletproof Hinge Pin Brace System
Machined aluminum 8mm-thick hinge pin braces offer user-adjustable toe-in through the use of interchangeable composite inserts. Strength is further enhanced from the braces being secured to both chassis and bulkhead for unsurpassed strength and durability.

Premium Differentials with CNC cut gears
Each of the three fluid-filled differentials feature spiral-cut, CNC machined input and ring gears together with cast and sintered bevel gears. The center diff includes an aluminum case for optimum heat dissipation and durability.
Better acceleration, better handling, improved reliability, reduced heat fade, and less maintenance are just some of the benefits provided by this unique feature! Precision machining, premium materials, and careful assembly and installation result in maximum bashing fun.

Premium Spring Steel Outdrives
The Asuga XLR shares drivetrain components proven from use on the venerable Kronos XTR, with S2 Spring Steel providing the ideal combination of tensile strength, light weight, and durability. Enjoy competition-level quality driveline components in a premium bash buggy machine.

Adjustable Aluminum Motor Mount
Attaching the huge brushless motor to the Asuga chassis is an extremely important job – that’s why the motor is connected to a super-thick motor mount! This CNC machined 2-piece mount is formed from billet aluminium and features a sliding mount system for precise gearing adjustments, just like you see in top competition racing cars! Setting gear mesh is easier and faster than with standard motor mounts, because the single sliding piece gives you perfect alignment every time!

Scale: XL6S
Length: 584mm
Height: 210mm
Width: 372mm
Wheelbase: 384mm
Weight (no battery): 4450g
Ground Clearance (max): 75mm
Wheel Hex Size: 17mm
Wheel Size (diameter, width): 130x51mm
Gear Ratio (internal – roller): 3.31 (MOD.1)
Gear Ratio (out of the box – RTR): 13.23 (MOD.1)
Drive: 4WD
Motor: Brushless Electric
Max Battery Size: 51x161mm