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HG 1/12 Self Assembly U.S. Radar Green Kit version P804

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1. Load-bearing trailer body, heavy alloy chassis for the whole vehicle
2. Double shock-absorbing tube + leaf spring non-independent suspension system
3. Independent remote control operation and remote control of the tractor
4. The high-power electric push-pull rod can lift the entire body off the ground
5. The main body of the missile base can continuously rotate 360° forwards and backwards
6. The missile launching antenna is linked to the rise and fall of the launch tower
7. 1/12 high-simulation remote control model is compatible with the same scale drag grinding disc
8. 4 trailer stabilizers to support the entire body
9. Sifang aluminum alloy tube missile launch chamber
10. The height of the front support rod can be adjusted manually
11. The 4 support columns can be operated simultaneously or independently
12. The whole vehicle is packaged in spare parts and assembled by the user to experience the fun of DIY
13. The missile launching tower rises and falls at will
14. Multifunctional voltage stabilizing control circuit

Basic parameters of the whole vehicle

Maximum climbing angle: 15°/slope length 2M
Maximum span width: 100MM
Maximum turning radius: 2M
Chassis ground clearance: 85MM
The maximum push-pull force of the telescopic rod: 300N/30KG
The distance that the tire can be suspended: 5MM


Item No.: HG-P804
Product Name: 1/12 Rader Vehicle (KIT)
Motor 1: 370 high-power steering gear motor
Motor 2: N20 telescopic rod high-speed drive motor
Main control panel: HG317 with lighting effects and anti-jamming protection
Product battery: 7.4V 1500mAh lithium battery 18650
Frequency: 2.4G HZ
Remote control distance: ≤ 50 M (small remote control)
Remote control category: function control system (2.4G independent small remote control)
Operating time: about 30 minutes
Remote control battery: CR2025 button lithium battery 3V (small remote control)
Protection function: 1. stuck; 2. low voltage
1: When the telescopic rod encounters excessive resistance, it will automatically stop running to prevent damage to the components.
2: When the power supply voltage is lower than 5V, the function will stop working or the working condition is bad.
Speed: depending on the speed of the tractor in front of the vehicle

Transmitting power: small remote control 2db 8-channel square control 16db
Stabilized current: maximum current output 6A


Collect: Length 917mm * Width 324.5mm * Height 343.5mm
Extension: length 917mm * width 493.5mm * height 518mm
Lifting angle of radar board: 60°
Lifting angle of support frame: 91°
Packing: Tiandi cover English noodle box, 2-layer foam inner box
Color box specifications: 712mm X 450mm X 315mm
Product Color: Army Green/Desert Yellow
Packing quantity: 1 set
Carton size: 740mm X 470mm X340mm
Gross weight: 12kg
Net weight: 9.2kg
Material: hardware, electronics, plastic