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Hobbywing XERUN 3652SD D5.00-G2 Black 3100kv HW30401056

Full-sensored Mode

The first 4-pole motor with a built-in chip which helps ESC identify it's a HOBBYWING
motor (only when pairing it with the XeRun XR8 series of ESCs) and the XR8 ESC 
create a power system which is able to work in the "sensored" mode (at all times) and
provide users with the better performance and smoother control.
Note: this motor is compatible with other ESCs but unable to work in the "sensored" 
mode at all times.

Bi-directional Adjustable Timing

The mechanical timing which is adjustable from 20 degrees to 40 degrees
(30 degrees by default) meets different power demands of various applications.
(Note: bi-direction means CW/CCW)

Low Cogging Torque

The HOBBYWING-patented 4-pole-8-magnet "staggered pole" rotor with
the extremely low cogging effect and torque pulsation greatly improves
the driving feel around corners.

Quality Materials & Excellent Design

The use of double insulated windings (200℃ R-leveled), Japanese NMB bearings,
super thin silicon steel sheets and the high-intensity adhesive (300℃) guarantees
users the outstanding performance and great durability.
(With the strength of the motor is guaranteed,) the wheel hub design adopted by
front & rear end bells effectively reduces the motor weight.