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MXO Racing Sanwa Receiver for Kyosho Mini-Z (MR-03 Evo & MR-04 Evo) MX-EVO-RX-SANWA

MXO Racing Sanwa Receiver for Kyosho Mini-Z (MR-03 Evo & MR-04 Evo) MX-EVO-RX-SANWA

FlySky Noble RX Unit for Kyosho Mini-Z AFHDS3 EVO & EVO2 82151-03

FlySky Noble RX Unit for Kyosho Mini-Z EVO & EVO2 82151-03

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Kyosho Mini-Z MR04 EVO2 Chassis Set 8500KV W-MM2 32890B


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Dit Chassis komt zonder ontvanger dus deze heb je nog extra nodig kijk bij de optie ontvangers voor de juiste ontvanger die past bij jou zender!

Na 14 jaar MR-03, is de MR-04 een upgrade die een glimlach op je gezicht zal toveren!
Kies uit de drie verschillende motorsnelheid versies: Sensor rood (8500KV), Sensor blauw (5600KV), Sensor groen (4100KV)
1. Borstelloze ESC/motor met sensor
2. Nieuwe bovenarm vooraan
3. Kingpin-offset gewijzigd
4. Voorlager
5. Stuurstang
6. Nieuw stuurblok
7. Breder chassis met platte batterijhouder voor lager zwarte maar smallere batterijhouder
8. Omgekeerde kingpin
9. Nieuwe kunststof motorsteun

New Chassis Details
While retaining elements of the excellent MR-03 layout, the new MR-04EVO2 chassis achieves significant performance improvements with changes to the front suspension and a lower C of G that work in synergy with a sensored brushless motor. Both narrow and wide tread settings are available by changing the lower and upper plates on the front as well as the steering tie rod. Adjustable wheelbase allows chassis setting according to body type.

New Front Suspension
While camber angle is optimized during cornering with the swing of the current upper arm design, the front suspension uses the new kingpin-integrated knuckle to further improve camber stability. Geometric revision of caster and trail etc. delivers more linear maneuverability. New spec front springs for the MR-04 with different hardness are available as options.

New Front Knuckle
Front knuckle design features integrated kingpin with optimized clearance with the kingpin ball for smoother operation. Ball bearings have been changed to 3mm internal diameter for lower rotational resistance.

Scrub Radius
Offset of the kingpin relative to the wheel (scrub) is 1.5mm shorter on one side compared to the MR-03 for improved responsiveness to driver control inputs and suppression of wheelbase changes during cornering.

New Motor Mount & Damper Base Plate
Features new motor mount design for sensored brushless motors. Chassis height can be adjusted in three stages by changing the axle adjustment spacers to suit specific driving conditions. In addition, revision of the friction damper base plate features points for wiring to be secured with nylon straps.

New MM Motor Case
New MM motor case design realizes an even lower center of gravity.

New MM2 Motor Case
New MM2 motor case for L wheelbase with mid motor mount.

Low Center of Gravity Layout
Lower mounting of the AAA batteries on the chassis realizes a lower center of gravity compared to the MR-03. In combination with the chassis shape, this improves stability through corners as well as enhancing speed and control.

New Sensored Brushless Motor & Main Unit
Sensored brushless motor provides more precise speed control compared to sensorless motors. The W-MM chassis is equipped with 8500KV or 5600KV, and the N-MM2 is equipped with 4100KV type.
The new unit also supports high-speed communication with various high-end transmitters and receivers to realize unprecedented control response. Achieves transmission speeds of 0.99ms with KO units (ADV mode) and 0.9ms with Futaba units (EVO2 mode). *Previously 2.6ms ~ 3.0ms

New potentiometer delivers precision and durability with a completely redesigned steering program to realize the best response and accuracy in the history of the MINI-Z. The more precise steering control program allows various settings using the MR-04’s exclusive I.C.S. software.
Also, two-way communication is possible with the KO unit (TLMY mode), allowing various setting changes to the I.C.S. system to be made from the transmitter.

Mini-Z MR04 Evo2 Manual

Download(13 MB)

Dit is de handleiding voor de MR04 Evo2. Deze zit niet in de doos van dit product en is enkel digitaal beschikbaar.