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ProLine Pre-Cut Brute Clear Body for E-REVO 2.0 3530-17

This is a Brute Clear Body for E-REVO® 2.0. E-REVO® 2.0 fans rejoice! Pro-Line is proud to introduce the Pre-Cut Brute clear body specifically for your E-REVO® 2.0. The Brute is Pro-Line's take on a modern truck and features a bold grill with eye-pleasing body lines sure to turn heads at your local bash spot. This body has been specifically designed to fit the unique shape of the E-REVO® 2.0 including the stock inner cage, latch system and roof skid plate while allowing you to add a custom paint job to your truck! Window masks, detailed decal sheet and paint then peel over-spray film are all included. Get your Pre-Cut Brute body for E-REVO® 2.0 now!

E-REVO® 2.0 is a registered trademark of Traxxas® L.P.
Please note: All bodies are sold in crystal clear lexan and are painted for advertising purposes only.

  • Pre-Cut Brute Clear Body for E-REVO® 2.0 (1 pc)
  • Window Masks
  • Detailed Decal Sheets

Length:         18.75" (476mm)
Width:         8.5" (216mm)
Height:         5" (127mm)
Wheelbase:         13.25 (337mm)