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SANWA HVS-ZS Digital Speed Servo 20.kg 0.10s 107a53522a

HVS-ZS High-Voltage – High-Speed Digital Servo.
All HVS series servos are designed primarily to exploit the advantages of high voltage (7.2 V) and the benefits that gives in both speed and torque.

The HVS-ZS is the high speed version for cars yet can still deliver over 20 kg / cm of torque. Please check that your receiver can handle 7.4 V before using this servo at that voltage. Twin ball races with metal gears.

Technical features of the product:
Category: High-Voltage – High-Torque
Speed (6 V): 0.12 sec / 60
Speed (7.4 V): 0.10 sec / 60
Pair (6V): 16.2kg * cm
Torque (7.4V): 20.5kg * cm
Dimensions: 40.5x21x38 mm
Weight: 63 gr
Gears: Metal