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Serpent Brake Pulley adaptor one-way set 720 803187 Brake Pulley adaptor one-way set for the Serpent 720. Includes new 2-speed shaft, one-way adaptor, pulley adaptor with one-way bearing, new pulley and spacers and fasteners. Serpent is pleased to introduce this innovative brake pulley adaptor one-way set for the Serpent 720. This new system utilizes a one way bearing in the centre pulley adaptor on the gearbox shaft that works as normal when the car is on power but can disengage when off throttle and under braking. This allows the cars front and rear wheels to rotate independently of each other which means as the cars rear tires start to wear more compared to the front the car will remain stable under braking and off throttle. Due to the added stability this system provides it allows you can brake deeper into the corners.