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SpeedPassion Cirtix Inspire 2.0 Sensorless Brushless Stock ESC 128022

This is the SpeedPassion Cirtix Inspire 2.0 Sensorless Brushless Stock ESC.
This is a brushless speedcontroller, to be used with sensorless brushless motors on 2S LiPo's and motors up to 9.5T.

Includes the SpeedPassion Program Card.


The ESC comes presoldered with:
– Tamiya plug
– 3.5mm motor connectors

Burst Current: 90A
Resistance: 0.005 ohm
Battery: LiPo 2S, NiMH 4-6 Cell
BEC Output: 6V 2A
Motor Type: Sensorless
Dimension: 32mm x 28mm x 18mm w/o cooling fan
Cooling fan: included
Brushless Motor Limit: Max > 9.5T
ESC Fan: 25mm

– ESC with presoldered wires
– Program box
– Manual
– Tie wraps, dual sided tape & black/red shrink tube