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Tamiya TA08R 1/10 Chassis Kit 47498

Tamiya TA08R 1/10 Chassis Kit 47498

• This is a 1/10 scale R/C touring car chassis kit.
• Features Stepped-V shaped chassis which balances weight and rigidity. The battery pack and servo are
positioned on a slight angle (about 10 degrees) to reduce surface contact and facilitate optimum weight
• Positioning spur gear in front of motor produces stable drivability.
• 2 belt-driven 4WD uses TRF420 gear differentials and steel TA07 differential joint cups.
• A-arm suspension arm gives your model a low center of gravity, enhanced with laid down dampers. Camber
and caster angles are adjustable by turnbuckle shafts and lower arm spacers respectively.
• Comes with Super Short Big Bore size dampers. Universal shafts and full bearings give efficient drive.
• Rotating body mounts by 180 degrees switches between standard and 2mm advanced body positions.
• Please note that the R/C equipment, motor, battery pack, tires and body are sold separately

Enter a new top model in the TA08 chassis range: the TA08R takes the 2-belt driven 4WD TA08 PRO chassis (Item 58693) and loads it with a wealth of Hop-Up Options and even more some dedicated parts for great performance and drivability.

Included Hop-Op Option parts:
– 51565: TRF419 Gear Differential Unit Aluminum Diff Joint (2pcs.)
– 22004: TA08 Aluminum Servo Mount
– 22005: TA08 Carbon Damper Stays (Front & Rear)
– 22016: TA08 Low Friction King Pin Balls (4pcs.)
– 42319: Lightweight Cross Joints for Double Cardan Joint Shafts (4pcs.)
– 42320: Lightweight Joint Casings for Double Cardan Joint Shafts (2pcs.)
– 42346: TRF420 Wheel Axles (2pcs.)
– 42351: TRF420 Center Pulley
– 42357: Cross Joints for Low Friction Assembly Universal Shafts
– 42359: VG O-Rings for Oil Dampers (30°)
– 42361: 43mm Drive Shafts for Low Friction Double Cardan Joint Shafts (2pcs.)
– 42363: Axle Shafts for TRF420 Double Cardan Joint Shafts (2pcs.)
– 42374: VG O-Rings for Gear Differentials (40°)
– 53823: Clamp Type Aluminum Wheel Hub (5mm Thick)
– 53968: 5x5mm Hard Hex Head Ball Head Connector (5pcs.)
– 53969: 5x8mm Hard Hex Head Ball Head Connector (5pcs.)
– 54121: Aluminum Horn for High Torque Servo Saver
– 54642: 4mm Flange Lock Nut (Black, 8pcs.)
– 51647: TRF420 Aluminum Front Direct Cups (2pcs.)
– 54704: TA07 Aluminum Steering Arm Set
– 54881: Aluminum Adjustable Suspension Mount (A)
– 54883: Aluminum Adjustable Separate Suspension Mounts (XB)
– 54884: Aluminum Adjustable Separate Suspension Mounts (A)
– 54949: TA07 Adjustable Ackerman Set

Speedy and controllable 2 belt-driven 4WD chassis in TA series!
This assembly kit creates a 2-belt driven 4WD touring car chassis, which uses an SV (Stepped V) design with battery pack on the right side, and servo, receiver, and ESC on the left side, with optimum rigidity and weight distribution to minimize contact with road surfaces. Also, the spur gear is placed in front of the motor for stable handling feel. 4-wheel double wishbone suspension uses A-design upper arms which facilitate accurate layout. Ccamber and caster are adjustable, and Super Short Big Bore size dampers are included. The drivetrain uses full ball bearings, and front and rear oil gear differential units are employed.

Featured Components
● Aluminum motor mount
● Front/rear oil-filled gear differentials
● TRF420-design uprights
● Universal shafts (front: steel, rear: aluminum)
● TRF Super Short Big Bore dampers
● Hi-torque servo saver
● Floating servo mount
● Aluminum turnbuckle shafts
● Full ball bearings

★ Stepped-V chassis molded in carbon fiber-reinforced resin facilitates rigidity and helps to avoid excessive contact between chassis and track during roll.
★ This image shows the A-shaped front arms, which work in tandem with Super Short Big Bore dampers. 44mm universal drive shafts are employed.
★ Here is a close-up on the steering setup, with in-line left and right tie-rods. Suspension motion causes limited toe change, for great steering feel.
★ The urethane front bumper features cut-away holes. Eccentric body mounts allow a 2mm forward position for easier use of existing bodies.
★ Angled battery and R/C equipment give optimum weight distribution, and help to bring about excellent roll and pitch flex.
★ The Stepped V lower deck not only brings about great rigidity, it also removes the necessity for employment of an upper deck.
★ With spur gear ahead of motor, the belts are closer in length to one another, helping facilitate a stable drive with the TA08 PRO.
★ Holders are used to keep the battery pack securely in place. They feature slits to allow easier use of glass tape for reinforcement.
★ Gear differentials are the same 37T design as on the TRF420 – change oil to alter their performance. Steel joint cups are highly sturdy.
★ Rear suspension mounts are attached to the underside, for improved rear rigidity that translates into superior grip.
★ The rear suspension features a ‘toe control’ design that sees toe angle alter in conjunction with suspension compression through corners.

★Length: 373mm, width: 187mm
★Wheelbase: 257mm
★Stepped V carbon fiber reinforced plastic lower deck
★2-belt 4WD
★Front & rear oil-filled gear differentials
★3-piece steering tie-rod
★4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension
★TRF Super Short Big Bore dampers