Tamiya XV-02 Pro 1/10 4WD Rally Chassis Kit 58707

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Tamiya XV-02 Pro 1/10 4WD Rally Chassis Kit 58707

★ It is a shaft drive 4WD chassis that you can enjoy a wide range of driving from on-road to flat dirt.
★ The motor is mounted on the front midship, and power is transmitted from the spur gear in the center of the vehicle body via the front and rear equal length propeller shafts.
★ Double wishbone 4 German suspension comes with a long oil damper made of aluminum cylinder.
★ Equipped with rally block tires. * Includes a polycarbonate chassis cover with a mudguard that enhances dust resistance. * Motor sold separately.

Chassis length = 368mm

Tamiya is proud to announce this shaft-driven 4WD chassis kit for rally cars, an addition to the XV chassis
series that will be a popular addition to the R/C rally series.

About the Model:
– This is a 1/10 scale R/C chassis assembly kit.
– Equipped with front mid-ship motor plus front and rear long propeller shafts of the some length.
– Comes with two 39T differential gears and one 40T differential gear for adjustment of front and rear drive balance.
– Use 39T gear (w/15T gear) on the front and 40T gear (w/15T gear) on the rear for drive balance bias to frontand vice-versa for drive balance bias to rear.
– Features newly-designed parts such as gears, bathtub frame chassis, chassis cover, caster blocks featuring the 6-degree caster angle (XV-01 chassis: 10-degree caster angle), and bumpers with skid angles to reducesurface contact.
– Includes an aluminum servo mount.
– The motor mount, propeller shafts, input and center shafts, and urethane bumpers have new metal parts.
– It features a longitudinal battery pack position in the center-left for optimum balance.
– Long aluminum dampers are employed at front and rear.
– A polycarbonate chassis cover with wheel well liners helps prevent dirt and dust from getting inside.
– Suspension arms and front uprights are based upon the XV-01 chassis kit.
– Comes with Rally dish white wheels are paired with rally block tires.



This shaft-driven 4WD chassis kit features a front midship motor and transmits power from the spur gear in the center via identical length front and rear long propeller shafts, which allows running on surfaces from on-road to flat dirt. 39T differential gears front and rear, and one setup option 40T differential gear are included, facilitating changes to drive balance. It features optimum balance and a slim chassis, plus 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension with aluminum-cylinder long oil dampers.

A responsive, robust steering setup features aluminum servo stay, hi-torque servo saver, and turnbuckle steering rod for quick fine-tuning.
This image goes close-up on the front double-wishbone suspension, which features caster blocks with an angle of six degrees.
Long dampers with aluminum cylinders expertly cushion the chassis. Upper turnbuckle arms and universal drive shafts come as standard.
Power from the front-midship motor goes to the front and rear of the chassis via a pair of indentical length propeller shafts.
Front and rear sealed gearboxes each contain a gear differential for superior performance; change their oil to fine-tune setup.
The double wishbone rear suspension is pictured here. With use of separately sold Item 53539, upper arm position can be adjusted.
The rear of the model is also fitted with high performance long dampers that employ precision aluminum cylinders and blue caps.
The longitudinally-positioned battery is on its side, contributing to the narrow chassis. It is secured via lever design battery holders.
This profile view of the XV-02 PRO shows just how low-profile the chassis is, while stil maintaining considerable ground clearance.
White dish wheels are paired with rally block tires that give a controllable drive on-road and on flat dirt.
The flat chassis bottom and skid angle on the front bumper further contribute to flat dirt performance.
Attached with sponge tape, the included polycarbonate chassis cover helps keep stones out of the chassis.
Featured Components
●Full ball bearings
●Aluminum propeller shafts (front/rear)
●Oil-filled gear differentials (front/rear, two 39T and one 40T included)
●Universal drive shafts (front/rear)
Suspension: ●Aluminum long dampers (front/rear, with blue caps) ●6-degree caster blocks ●Turnbuckle shaft upper arms
Chassis: ●Front bumper with skid angle ●Polycarbonate chassis cover ●Aluminum servo mount ●Hi-torque servo saver

Separately Required Items
★Type 540 motor
★2-channel R/C system w/ESC
★R6/AA/UM3 batteries for transmitter
★Battery pack & charger