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Traxxas Aluminium Chassis Sledge (Kies je kleur) 9522

Sledge design priority #1 was to engineer the strongest 1/8 scale aluminum chassis. The triangulated chassis structure integrates a deep-formed aluminum plate with a multi-point truss system and the patent-pending full-length aluminum T-Bar™. Sledge is strongest where it matters most.


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Chassis Rood 9522R
Chassis Blauw 9522
Chassis Groen 9522G
Chassis Dark Grijs 9522A

Strengthening Ribs
Sledge’s strength begins with a thick precision-formed aluminum chassis plate. Strategically shaped ribs increase rigidity in high-stress areas to eliminate weak points. Special composite skid plates key into these ribs to reduce scraping and keep the chassis looking fresh.

Reinforced Edges
Sledge’s chassis uses flanged edges to further increase stiffness. Typical 1/8 designs only use flanged edges on the straight side of the chassis to reduce cost and complexity. Sledge puts strength and durability first by using flanged edges all the way into the gearbox areas to create a full perimeter reinforced edge.