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Traxxas Hoss LED Set Complete (including bumpers) 9095

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The Traxxas Hoss 4X4 unleashed a new era of extreme monster truck fun, and now there’s an LED light kit built to the same standard. Designed to handle the toughest action and most extreme stunts, the Hoss high-output LED light kit extends your adventures long after dark. A front high-intensity light bar integrates into a new rugged front bumper while bright red tail lights flank the wheelie bar in the replacement rear bumper. A chassis-mounted power supply regulates the voltage for reliable lighting performance without dimming or flickering. The entire system is fully waterproof to make your all-weather adventures a reality. See the light kit in action as the Hoss 4X4 VXL launches from some extreme dirt ramps in this new action video.

The bright high-intensity LEDs come pre-installed and integrated in a new front bumper made from our toughest composite material. The forward-facing bright-white LED light bar and rear red light LED lights are regulated by the included chassis-mounted power supply. Built Traxxas Tough and fully waterproof, the LED light kit adds a fun new dimension to the Hoss 4X4 experience.

Hoss 4X4 LED Light Kit (#9095) Features:

  • Efficient, high-intensity LED lighting
  • Front bumper with integrated LED light bar
  • Rear bumper with integrated red LED lights
  • Regulated power supply for stable lighting performance
  • Easy installation with included power tap connector
  • Includes mounting hardware