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Traxxas Tires & Wheels Assembled Glued (2.8) Rustler 4X4 Grey Wheels Talon Extreme 6763

Tires & wheels, assembled, glued (2.8″) (RXT gray wheels, Talon EXT tires, foam inserts) (4WD electric front/rear, 2WD electric front only) (2) (TSM rated)
High-performance all-terrain Talon EXT tires dig into dirt and grass for outstanding traction. The EXT’s tire compound provides extra durability on pavement with a unique design that resists “ballooning” at high speeds. Talon EXT tires come mounted and pre-glued on tough RXT gray wheels for no-hassle, out-of-the-box bolt-on traction. TSM®-rated for high-speed applications. Fits 12 mm hex, 4WD front or rear, 2WD electric front only.