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Corally Syncro-4 1/8 RTR Brushless 3-4S Buggy C-00287

Ons oordeel over de nieuwe Syncro-4:
– Extreem beefy & sterke 1/8 buggy
– Wat een snelheid: rijdt op zowel 3S als 4S, kan 80km/u uit de doos!
– Goede onderdelensupport van het Belgische Corally
– Supergave buggy, direct klaar om te springen!

– Voorgebouwde, rijklare 1/8 buggy
– Afstandsbediening

– Een 3S of een 4S LiPo accu


Big Bore Composite Shock Absorbers
Introducing the new 16mm shocks on the Team Corally Syncro4 – a perfect blend of cost-effective design and top-notch performance. The shock bodies, crafted from durable composite, partnered with a composite/aluminum top, deliver resilience without compromise. Maintaining proven components, including 4mm tuned pistons, precision shafts and medium springs, these shocks adapt to your bashing style with the ability to use various fluids for all conditions. The enlarged lower shock ends enhance durability, ensuring a smooth ride through the most punishing stunts.

Extreme Bulkhead Bracing System
Beyond the sturdy bulkheads known from entire 6S lineup, the Syncro4 introduces a thick 4mm aluminum upper suspension arms mount that doubles as a mounting point for the brace. This innovative structure enhances durability and ensures unwavering strength, even without a hefty aluminum tower.

Aluminium Chassis with Composite Side Guards
The aluminum 3mm chassis, now available in a striking new titanium color, not only delivers durability but also adds a touch of style to your off-road adventures. Seamlessly paired with composite side guards, they combine to form a tough protective shield for internal components. Crafted with precision and designed for durability, the Syncro4 chassis and side guards redefine performance and style, ensuring your RC is ready to conquer any terrain.

Hybrid Composite/Aluminium Motor Mount
The Team Corally Syncro4 introduces an innovative motor mount designed with new drivers in mind, offering a significant price advantage without compromising performance and quality. The motor mount features a two-part construction, with a durable composite cover and an aluminum plate securely connected via screws. This clever design not only ensures affordability but also maintains the high standards of performance and quality expected from Team Corally. What sets it apart are the designated motor mounting points for 13, 15, and 17T pinions, ensuring precise alignment for optimal power delivery each and every time.

CNC 4mm Hinge Pin Braces
In pursuit of optimal performance and reliability, the Team Corally Syncro4 employs a proven design with massive 4mm thick CNC machined, aluminum hinge pin braces, carrying forward the legacy from the Spark XB6. Each brace comes complete with new plastic covers, providing a perfect balance of strength and protection. Crafted to accept and safeguard the precision-hardened steel suspension hinge pins, these braces ensure silky-smooth suspension travel. With outstanding resistance against bending or binding, even in the most demanding conditions, the Syncro4’s suspension hinge pin braces redefine durability, promising a consistent and reliable performance in any conditions.

Heavy Duty Composite Suspension Arms
The Syncro4 features suspension arms identical to the proven ones found in the Radix and Sketer models. Crafted from Team Corally’s proprietary HiCC8 polymer, these plastic components stand out for their exceptional strength and precision. The race-engineered design ensures the perfect balance of rigidity, flexibility, and durability, optimizing performance on all surfaces in any conditions.

Precision Molded Steel Gears
The gears and differentials on the Team Corally Syncro4 share the same similar design and same dimensions as our acclaimed 6S lineup. All diffs feature proven internals found in our 6S lineup, including all hardware. Additionally, the center differential features a reinforced plastic case. The straight-cut metal bevel gears, reminiscent of the proven Radix4, provide ample strength for the Syncro4’s 4S power system. While not as rugged as those in the Spark XB6, these gears are purpose-built for the Syncro4, delivering a perfect balance of durability and power for your off-road adventures.

High performance Steel Driveshafts and Outdrives
The Team Corally Syncro4 boasts a robust drivetrain optimized for 4S power systems. Steel outdrive cups smoothly connect to steel central driveshafts, ensuring uncompromised strength and longevity. In the front, CVD driveshafts propel the vehicle with precision, while the rear relies on durable metal dogbones, collectively delivering a dynamic and reliable performance. The entire drivetrain is fortified with aerospace-quality 8x16x5mm rubber-sealed ball bearings, maximizing precision, efficiency, and durability.

Durable Composite Servo, Steering And Upper Camber Link
In a quest for unparalleled strength and flexibility, the Team Corally Syncro4 features oversized composite links for servo and steering tie-rods, along with rear upper camber links. This robust design, complemented by precise molding, ensures that the suspension and steering geometry of the Syncro4 stay consistently accurate and dependable.

Extra Large Battery Compartment
Designed to accommodate a wide range of LiPo pack setups, the tray supports battery sizes up to 51x161mm, with a maximum height of 38mm. The Syncro4 inherits the Spark XB6’s legacy, providing a spacious battery tray that ensures compatibility and convenience. Included Velcro straps, engineered for a snug and secure fit, simplify battery changes, making transitions from a 3S to a 4S setup a straightforward and effortless process.