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CrossRC Military Scaling Kit BT8 Rhino 1/12 APC CRO90100097

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BT8 “Rhino” is a 4-axle, 8-wheel drive APC (BTR80) produced in 1980’s, capable of carrying 3 crew and 7 passengers. Max speed is 50 miles/hr on paved roads, range is 380 miles, it is amphibious with a speed of 6 miles/hr. It is still use in many countries and peace keeping forces.
The BT8 adopts a all-metal, 8-wheel independent suspension structure, which greatly improves the strength and impact resistance of the driving system.
The independent suspension is based on the real model, using 8 sets of torsion bars to cooperate with 12 shock-absorbing tunes, which has sufficient support and does not lose the swinging posture. You can adjust the shock absorption effect by changing the torsion bar group.
The all-wheel steering uses dual steering gears 1,2 and 3, and 4 axis steering respectively. Through mix control operation, after adjusting the appropriate front and rear steering ratio, the minimum steering radius can be a ultra small range of 530mm.
CrossRC pioneered the “straight axis all-drive belt drive system” with a dynamic simulation model. The lightweight transmission structure reduces weight and improves transmission efficiency, further lowering the center of gravity of the vehicle and enhancing maneuverability during crossing.
The BT8 is equipped with a all metal gear 2-speed gearbox with a PTO. The gearbox adapts M 0.8 mold all metal machined gears, which can adapt to different types of power systems.
The BT8 is amphibious and uses a water jet as the power output during floating. We designed two modes of independent motor drive or gearbox PTO for players to choose to install.
The design divides the driving module and the equipment module into compartments, separating dry and wet areas. Each level of the module connection adopts a sealed and waterproof design, which effectively reduces the difficulty of maintenance after playing in the water.
Similar to the real model, the BT8 is equipped with a retractable wave pusher (water baffle), which can prevent the water from overflowing the body when floating in the water.
The upper structure is equipped with a 360 rotating turret, the gun is aluminum CNC manufactured and can be controlled up and down. The machine gun, smoke devices, low light and infrared night vision devices are extremely simulated.
The body include various metal towing hooks, cables, collision avoidance and external infantry armrests.
Note: for safety reasons the long antenna is not include in the kit.

length: 700mm,
width 278mm,
height 266mm.
turning radius 530mm