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Traxxas 3S Shorty Combo (1x 2849X 11.1v LiPo & 1x 2970GX iD Charger) 2994G

Traxxas 3S Shorty Combo (1x 2849X 11.1v LiPo & 1x 2970GX iD Charger) 2994G

Traxxas TRX-4 Ford Bronco (1979) Pro Scale® LED Light Set 8035X

Traxxas TRX-4 Ford Bronco (1979) Pro Scale® LED Light Set 8035X


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Traxxas TRX-4 Ford F-150 Truck 1979 High Trail Edition Crawler (Kies je kleur) 92046-4

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TRX-4 Ford F-150 Truck 1979 High Trail Edition Features
– Lowered Servo mount
– Extra long GTS shocks (110mm, 20mm longer)
– 5.3″ Canyon Trail 2.2″ Tires
– Extended 336mm wheelbase
– Clipless body mounting
– Higher approach & departure angles due to higher geometry
– Optional LED light set


Traxxas elevates scale adventure with the lifted TRX-4® Ford F-150® High Trail Edition. Thanks to its factory-installed Long Arm Lift Kit and oversize tires, the highly detailed F-150 replica body stands over an inch taller than our standard TRX-4. The F-150 extended wheelbase further enhances the TRX-4’s already legendary off-road capability for even more fun on the trail. The TRX-4 High Trail Edition is the perfect vehicle for the driver who wants it all: extreme all-terrain capability, stunning scale looks, and Traxxas-Tough™ durability.

Ultimate Ground Clearance
The TRX-4 Scale and Trail Crawler is equipped right out of the box with Traxxas’ game-changing portal axle set. Portal axles lift the truck at the wheels for huge center pumpkin ground clearance. In order to achieve the same clearance with straight axles (and not get stuck), your tires would have to be over an inch taller than the TRX-4’s tires. Straddling boulders with ease, the TRX-4 chassis definitely takes the path less travelled and simply leaves all the others behind.

Torque Twist Eliminated
The portal axles use gear reduction right at the wheels that dramatically reduces undesirable torque twist. Total axle gear reduction is over twice non-portal designs. The Titan 550 motor torque is translated into straight, powerful, forward motion, rather than wasted energy twisting your rig right off the rocks.

High Trail Edition
The factory-installed Long Arm Lift Kit raises F-150High Trail™ Edition over an inch taller for superior ground clearance. Large 2.2” mag wheels and Canyon Trail tires tame even the most technical trails to extend your scale adventures farther than ever before

Rigid Steel Frame
A heavy-duty formed-steel ladder frame with molded cross members creates an extremely rigid backbone that lets the suspension do the work it was designed to do. You’ll feel the difference on trails where the elimination of chassis flex allows for precise wheel placement when navigating technical terrain.

Remote Locking Differentials
Traxxas gives you the versatility to lock and unlock the front and rear differentials to suit your driving needs directly from your transmitter. Leave the differentials unlocked for relaxed driving on the trail with smooth, tight turning and better handling at high speeds. When the trail gets technical, lock the front and rear differentials, or just the front, for superior grip over extreme terrain. Our patented design has been proven rugged and capable in the Traxxas Summit. New sleeved micro cables control the differential action for scale appearance, without limiting the huge suspension articulation.

45° Steering Angle
Traditional crawlers sacrifice turning radius for traction. The TRX-4’s remote locking differentials disengage to take full advantage of its superior 45 degree steering angle. Once you clear the obstacle, re-engage the differentials for ultimate traction.

Hi/Low Range Transmission
When the going gets tough, use your transmitter to shift into low range for incredible 4-wheel drive pulling torque. Shift into high range for blasting down the trail. The plush suspension design absorbs rough terrain with ease and delivers outstanding scale appearance. Unmatched versatility makes the TRX-4 Scale and Trail Crawler adaptable to just about any situation or driving style.

Metal Gear Digital Servo
A new full-metal gear digital servo gives you the durability and steering authority you need to confidently and reliably power through tough situations.

Cruise Control
The Traxxas TQi radio system is equipped with cruise control for long-distance treks. Set your speed using the transmitter and then use the multi-function knob to fine-tune it faster or slower to precisely match the pace of your caravan of trail explorers. Cruise control makes it easy and comfortable for the TRX-4 Scale and Trail Crawler to be your companion for hours of driving fun and exploration.

3S Power System
The new XL-5 HV electronic speed control brings 3S LiPo capability for stronger, more efficient running. New speed control profiles have been added for smooth and precise control. A new Trail profile facilitates smooth driving for most of your adventures, while a new Crawl profile introduces hill hold and instant reverse for extremely technical courses. Either will help you navigate obstacles with ease, right from the start. Long run times, up to 2 hours, are possible with a Traxxas 3S 5000mAh iD LiPo battery pack!

K10’s steel frame rails extend the wheelbase out to 336mm to capture the pickup’s real-world proportions perfectly. A longer wheelbase also translates into greater climbing stability and a smoother, more stable ride over rough terrain.

F-150 clipless body holds tight on the trail but releases in just seconds to access the chassis. This hidden latching system adds a new level of convenience and scale realism to the TRX-4 by removing traditional body clips which can interrupt the body’s clean lines.

Oversize 2.2″ Wheels & Tires
Aggressive S1-compound Canyon Trail tires feature large lugs for increased grip with 2-stage foam inserts for realistic trail performance. The tires come mounted and pre-glued to large 2.2″ 8-hole chrome mag wheels with detailed replica locking hubs to conceal the wheel nuts.

Wheelbase: 336mm
Center ground clearance: 4 inches (99mm)
Wieght: 3.35kg
Length: 563mm
Front track: 270mm
Rear track: 270mm

Optional accessories
Pro Scale Winch 8855 with Winch compatible bumper 8867
Pro Scale Lighting System 6591