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XRAY X4’24 1/10 Luxury Electric Touring Car Graphite Edition 300038



The X4’24 chassis was redesigned to work with the new lower arms, shock holders, bulkheads, motor mount and centralized battery holders.
The new chassis features a narrower design in the front center and rear center areas to eliminate chassis rub and improve cornering speed.
The added material in the motor area extends overall chassis life. The chassis also features updated holes for the stronger 3mm motor mount centering pins for improved durability and an additional front motor mount screw position for black carpet.


The X4’24 suspension components are completely redesigned with improved inner shock position with ultra-low CG. This new configuration uses new lower & upper arms, new upper clamps & lower bulkheads, new anti-roll bars, steering & ARS plates and new shock holders.

Suspension Arms.

Completely redesigned upper & lower CFF™ suspension arms are the foundation for the new inner shock mounting system with ultra-low under arm anti-roll bar mounts and fully updated geometry. The new suspension arms greatly improve flex and twist under dampening.
With the shock mounted on the inside of the arm, the load is more evenly distributed through the suspension arm, increasing the mechanical traction and responsiveness of the car.

Upper Arms.

The new upper arm shape conforms around the inner shock position for proper clearance without compromising strength, and improves forward traction along with lateral grip and steering. The updated design also improves durability and eliminates radial play for maximum precision and control from the upper arms.

Inner Shock Mounting.

All-new inner shock mounting locations improve the rolling characteristics & cornering consistency, as well as optimize flex and reducing twist under dampening. Front suspension moves the shock position behind the drive shafts for more precise steering response and improved steering characteristics. Rear suspension moves the shock position in front of the drive shafts for improved traction.

Shock Holders.

Versatile new shock holders use shims for adjusting the shock position in more precise shock angle increments. The rear shock holder offers an Active or Fixed dampening setting in addition to the shock angle. All shocks are located 4.5mm lower, improving CG, cornering speed and stability, while also making the car easier to drive and more resistant to traction rolling.
Simplified shock mounting uses a captured mounting stud secured to the shock holder with a special setscrew. It is not necessary to use thread lock as the setscrew will keep the stud secure even during shock install/removal.

Rear Active Dampening Cornering Effect.

All-new rear shock holders offer Active or Fixed dampening setting alternatives. The Fixed setting is the traditional shock mounting method, while removing the M3x8 screw allow the Active holder bracket to pivot, softening the rear suspension dampening to improve off-power steering and increase rotation in high traction conditions.

Shock Holders Flex Settings.

Front & rear shock holders have three different mounting options for different chassis flex alternatives. The flex options have a significant impact on handling and are used to fine-tune handling for different conditions.


All-new bulkheads integrate with the new shock holders, new ARS linkage mounting positions and the new rear body post holders. The new bulkheads position the anti-roll bars for their under arm mounting points for ultra-low CG. Both front & rear bulkheads include attachment points to secure the shock holder to the bulkhead to control flex characteristics.

Steering & ARS Plates.

Updated front & rear steering plates work with the new arms and shock positions.
The new steering plates move the Ackermann position further out for more precise car control and make the X4’24 easier to drive.
The ARS plates move the toe link mounting position further forward for improved rotation in high traction conditions.

Anti-roll Bars.

The ultra-low CG anti-roll bars are attached from below the suspension arms with considerably reduced mounting hardware and material. The wobble-free anti-roll bar height is easily & comfortably adjusted via set screw from the top of the arm.